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'Blade Runner - Savour Of The Branch Lines'

Date Issued: 19th October 2004

A revolutionary British invention which is being promoted by the projects lead designer as, 'The Savour Of The Branch Lines', will be demonstrated at the Guided Bus Public Inquiry which is being heard at New Hall College in Cambridge.

Project leader, Carl Henderson who runs Silvertip Design, an engineering consultancy in Skeeby North Yorkshire, will be demonstrating a model of the road-rail, dual-mode vehicle called 'Blade Runner' and also appearing as an expert witness.

The 8ft long model will be demonstrated to the Inquiry Inspector, Dr Chris Gossop. The Inspector will be shown that vehicles that run on the roads, can with the aid of Blade Runner also run on rails, giving all the advantages that the Guided Bus can supposedly offer, and a whole lot more.

Mr Henderson's dual mode project is being backed by freight trailer and body builder Don Bur of Stoke-on-Trent, and by the Government's Department of Trade and Industry.

Blade Runner will give users a more comfortable ride than a Guided Bus as it is guided at both the front and rear; a Guided Bus is only guided at the front which means it can sway from side to side.

Blade Runner is also able to reverse so that the dual-mode vehicle will not get stuck behind a broken down vehicle, unlike a Guided Bus.

The Blade Runner vehicles are modern and ideally suited to technology-conscious Cambridge.

Most importantly, the use of Blade Runner vehicles would allow the Cambridge to St.Ives railway line to be retained, so that it could still be used for trains or light rail.


Blade Runner will be demonstrated at the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway Public Inquiry between 12 and 4pm on Wednesday the 20th October 2004 at New Hall College, Cambridge.

I would advise that you arrive at around 11.45am in case the inquiry programme is not running to time. There will be good photo opportunities.


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