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CAST.IRON Staggered

Date Issued: Friday 30th June 2006

CAST.IRON is staggered at the huge amount of public money that is being committed to what is, in effect, an experiment on the residents and taxpayers of Cambridgeshire. However, as long as the voters are happy to be guinea pigs for this unproven scheme, declared unworkable by the inventor of the guided bus, then we are sure that those Councillors who support it will enjoy increased majorities next time they are up for election.

We remain utterly unconvinced that this scheme will make any noticeable difference to traffic levels on the A14 and there is no doubt it will increase congestion in the City's streets. In an act of vandalism that will put Lord Beeching in the shade, the opportunity to reopen Cambridge's only viable and uncongested through route - the rail route from Huntingdon and Northstowe via Cambridge Station to Addenbrookes and beyond - will be lost forever.

Heavily financed lobbying has bulldozered this scheme through the planning system and CAST.IRON has lost the argument almost exactly three years after it was formed. However, time will tell whether the Mis-Guided Bus will really do what it says on the tin.

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