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Press Release 10 March 2004

CAST.IRON at the Station

CAST.IRON will be holding a fully staffed exhibition on the London-bound platform of Huntingdon Railway Station on Friday 12th March.

CAST.IRON representatives will be able to describe their proposals to reinstate a passenger rail service from Cambridge to Huntingdon. They will also supply leaflets showing the benefit of rail over a guided busway, and will explain how the public can formally object to the guided busway proposal, which would destroy the remaining 10 miles of railway line.

Cambridgeshire County Council estimate that only 2% of cars will be removed from the A14 by the guided bus.

CAST.IRON will be handing out leaflets showing a photo of the A14 now and the same photo with 2% of cars removed under the title "Spot the Difference".

The exhibition will be open from 6.30am until 8.30pm.

The Huntingdon staffed exhibition follows the success of a similar all-day staffed exhibition which was held on the main platform of Cambridge Railway Station on Friday 27th February.



CAST.IRON will restore regular timetabled rail services to the dormant Cambridge to St. Ives railway line, creating Britain's first community commuter railway.

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