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Hunts Post September 24 2003

Campaign for St Ives-Cambridge railway line

24 Sep 2003 12:27

Report by NEIL PERRY

THE campaign to re-open the St Ives to Cambridge railway line will be out in force outside the Guildhall in Cambridge this Saturday. The Cambridge and St Ives Railway Organisation, or CAST.IRON, has been given permission by Cambridge City Council to set up a stall, where they will hand out pamphlets and add names to their growing petition.

The organisation is presenting an alternative to the controversial guided bus scheme, using the current rail corridors that have been completely unused since 1992.

"We are eager to make contact with people" said Jerry Alderson from the organisation. "There are some people who believe the county council's spin about the guided bus, but now we can explain all the arguments to them."

CAST.IRON has been busy gathering experience and expertise to get their proposal off the ground at a major trade show in Manchester and with the Mid-Norfolk Railway.

They are also presenting their campaign to Cambridge MP Anne Campbell, in an effort to show there is an alternative to the guided bus scheme, and that their campaign has the potential to get more cars off the A14 at peak times.

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