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Local News Coverage - 2008-2015

N.B. Please note that some of the older links may no longer work

    Cambridgeshire County Council expecting £1.6m legal costs in prosecution over guided busway deaths - 29/2/24
    Two people injured after car and bus crash at Cambs busway junction - 2/8/23
    Cambridgeshire busway's true legal costs remain a secret - 23/6/23
    Cambridgeshire guided busway dispute settled - 12/6/23
    HSE to prosecute Cambridgeshire County Council over busway deaths - 13/5/23
    Cambridgeshire council criminally prosecuted over busway deaths - 12/5/23
    New digital system used to control speeds to be introduced on Cambridge Guided Busway - 11/5/23
    Cambridgeshire guided busway: Council accused of failures in claim - 18/3/22
    Cambridge guided busway to partially close amid safety review - 22/12/21
    Cambridge pedestrian dies after being knocked down on guided busway - 28/10/21
    Has the Guided Busway been a success? - 12/8/21
    Cyclist and bus crash on guided busway - 10/3/20
    Further Guided Busway closures set to last until November - 3/9/19
    Why is there a fence next to the railway but not the Guided Busway? - 24/6/19
    Guided busway safety to be improved after recent incidents - 29/5/19
    Guided Busway fire: bus burst into flames - 20/5/19
    Pictures show ferocious fire on guided busway - 20/5/19
    Picture shows first vehicle of 2019 stuck on guided busway - 1/1/19
    Notorious guided busway stretch speed limit lowered after public outcry - 18/12/18
    Calls for major changes to 'dangerous' stretch of guided busway - 4/12/18
    The family of a cyclist killed on the guided busway is calling for the speed limit to be lowered - 26/10/18
    Cyclist killed after collision with bus on Cambridge Guided Busway - 13/9/18
    Why not to trust transport forecasts - 22/8/18
    Driver of guided bus that crashed injuring five is sentenced - 16/8/18
    Passenger numbers on the Guided Busway are barely half what was originally promised - 13/8/18
    Warnings about the guided busway were made a week before crash that injured pedestrian - 11/6/18
    Has repair work on the guided busway finally finished? - 2/3/18
    The planned Cambridge metro system could have a big impact on the guided busway - 11/12/17
    New measures to tackle speeding on the guided busway after crash - 4/12/17
    Claim guided busway is 'doomed' as passengers get a 'rough ride' - 18/10/17
    Car crashes on guided busway leaving driver trapped - 7/9/17
    Not again! Another car driver falls victim to the guided busway - 21/8/17
    Guided busway drivers face speeding crackdown - 4/8/17
    Guided busway driver who crashed into wall to avoid cyclists is sacked for speeding - 11/7/17
    Yet another driver gets car stuck on busway - 29/6/17
    Guided busway crash cause may not be revealed for weeks - 22/6/17
    Bus leaves guided busway and crashes into building near Cambridge railway station - 21/6/17
    Reports of yet another car getting stuck on city's busway - 13/6/17
    Driver bursts tyres after driving onto guided busway near Cambridge North - 2/6/17
    COACH gets trapped on guided busway after taking wrong turn - 20/5/17
    Are we picking up a £30 million bill for the guided busway because of council mistakes? - 10/5/17
    Buses delayed after ANOTHER car gets stuck on the guided busway - 28/3/17
    Driver of transporter who went onto guided busway tracks 'didn't understand' no entry signs - 3/3/17
    Another TWO cars drive onto Cambridge's guided busway - 17/1/17
    Guided bus crash: Six people on bus at time of collision and driver taken to hospital - 21/10/16
    Guided busway was 'darker than hell' when Cambridgeshire pensioner was hit by bus - 28/7/16
    Guided bus leaves tracks and mounts grass verge in Cambridge - 7/7/16
    Guided bus crashes at Trumpington - again - 7/7/16
    Stagecoach sacks driver following Cambridge guided busway crash - 2/3/16
    Stagecoach says busway is safe as driver probe gets under way - 25/2/16
    Claims public confidence 'shattered' in Cambridgeshire's guided busway as HSE considers crash probe - 24/2/16
    Investigation continues to find cause of Trumpington busway crash that left five injured - 23/2/16
    Five injured as guided bus derails in Trumpington - 22/2/16
    Guided busway bollards in Cambridgeshire could be ripped out after cyclist breaks bone - 17/12/15
    Guided bus and van in crash at B1050 crossroads - 24/11/15
    Cambridgeshire guided busway: Woman, 81, killed in accident - 18/11/15
    Guided busway reopens between Swavesey and St Ives after woman killed in fatal accident - 18/11/15
    One confirmed dead after collision on guided busway at Swavesey - 17/11/15
    Passengers trapped on busway by broken down vehicle - 5/10/15
    Plan to dig up Cambridge guided busway to end dispute - 28/9/15
    Cambridgeshire guided busway to be dug-up for investigations by county council and BAM Nuttall - 25/9/15
    'Deteriorating' Cambridgeshire guided busway may need to be ripped up - 10/4/15
    Guided busway defects lead to closures this weekend - 9/4/15
    Bus users hit out at plan for £1 parking charge at Busway P&R sites - 11/2/15
    Busway report says more UK railway lines should be converted, but CGB a missed opportunity - 3/2/15
    London taxi driver caught in car trap on Cambridge guided busway - 16/1/15
    Sat nav-guided driver maroons Mini Cooper on the Cambridgeshire busway for two hours - 11/12/14
    Cambridgeshire guided busway: BAM Nuttall 'to account for' £31m defects - 7/10/14
    More than £30m needed to bring guided busway up to scratch - 1/10/14
    Cambridgeshire guided busway contract: verdict of independent report revealed - 10/9/14
    Probing guided busway faults costs Cambridgeshire County Council £319k - 12/8/14
    Children dice with death on guided busway near Cambridge by playing chicken - 17/7/14
    Nearly 40 emergencies reported as motorists keep driving onto guided busway - 14/7/14
    Risky guided busway extension plan for Cambridge dropped in favour of road scheme - 28/5/14
    Cyclist taken to hospital after collision on guided busway near Cambridge - 23/5/14
    Rethink guided busway extension idea, Cambridge residents tell county council - 01/05/14
    Guided busway gripes fall as journeys on the system hit 7.8 million - 30/4/14
    Fresh legal action threatened as serious track faults discovered - 4/4/14
    Warning signs of a white elephant (in Bristol) - 31/3/14
    Council 'misled' taxpayers over guided busway problems, Cambridgeshire councillor claims - 29/3/14
    Cambridgeshire County Council accused of cover-up over guided busway contract and faults - 19/3/14
    Cases of drivers turning onto busway in Trumpington reach double figures in a week - 5/3/14
    Closure of Cambridgeshire's flood-prone guided busway bridleway reaches eighth week - 25/2/14
    Cyclist escapes injury in crash with guided bus near Histon - 3/2/14
    New guided busway services to tackle rush-hour crush between St Ives and Cambridge - 31/1/14
    We've had road and rail chaos, but Cambridgeshire's guided busway has ridden the storm - 30/10/13
    Guided busway review 'will not give taxpayers answers' - but it will cost £20k - 29/10/13
    Lorry drives on guided busway tracks after sat-nav blunder - 24/10/13
    Guided busway cash at stake in £2.4m dispute over station area redevelopment - 22/10/13
    Car gets stuck on guided busway in Cambridge - 17/10/13
    Guided busway faults may require major repairs, secret Cambridgeshire County Council papers reveal - 9/10/13
    Second review to probe Cambridgeshire guided busway failings - 8/10/13
    Guided busway 'has not helped to cut A14 traffic' - 3/9/13
    After guided busway dispute is settled, now for the independent review into what went wrong - 31/8/13
    Guided busway legal battle with BAM Nuttall settled by Cambridgeshire County Council - 30/8/13
    Guided busway legal dispute to be debated behind closed doors - 2/8/13
    Guided busway documents denied to Cambridgeshire campaigner - 23/7/13
    Guided busway to shut for repair work - 19/7/13
    Need a lift? Guided bus gets stuck on rising bollards in Cambridge - 16/7/13
    Dip in track forces guided buses to slow - 3/7/2013
    Ambulance takes 46 minutes to get to teen hit by guided bus in Cambridge - 26/6/13
    Queen helps guided busway reach passenger numbers crown - 20/6/13
    Guided bus fire forces track closure - 6/6/13
    Council ready for busway talks - 28/5/13
    Double trouble for guided busway building projects - 25/5/13
    Council goes to mediation over guided busway dispute - 23/5/13
    Guided busway crash - two injured - 17/5/13
    Two hurt after collision between car and bus on Cambridgeshire guided busway - 17/5/13
    Sat-nav takes Yorkshire lorry along Cambridgeshire busway - 5/4/13
    Amazed passengers watch as 44-ton articulated lorry drives onto Cambridgeshire guided busway - 3/4/13
    Guided busway driver was 'tidying up' when bus came off tracks - 8/3/13
    Soham bus driver to be first charged for driving without due care and attention - 6/3/13
    Guided bus legal battle bill nearly £5m - 22/2/13
    Flooded-out cyclists put lives on line - 20/2/13
    Buses collide on guided busway - 15/2/13
    Wrong turn leaves car stranded on busway - 11/2/13
    Busway battle now costing £2m a year - 16/1/13
    How 18 cars got stuck at one busway junction - 15/1/13
    Police close file on guided busway accident - 9/1/13
    Car gets stuck on guided busway - 24/12/12
    Bus drivers faced disciplinary hearings after crashes - 07/12/12
    Part of guided busway closed after crash - believed there have been no injuries - 20/11/12
    Cambridgeshire guided bus comes off tracks - 20/11/12
    Guided bus incident triggers service delays - 20/11/12
    Guided busway named 'most innovative transport project' - 12/10/12
    Guided bus takes 600,000 car journeys off the roads, says council - 28/9/12
    BAM Nuttall increases claim by £10m. Maximum project cost 229.6m - 5/9/12
    Guided bus celebrates first birthday - with 2.5m journeys - 31/7/12
    Guided Brushway - 6/7/12
    Guided bus may pick up top award - 6/7/12
    Busway residents still waiting for compensation years after losing gardens - 4/6/12
    Busway park and ride site set for £2m expansion - 1/6/12
    Campaigners' fears over busway plans - 1/6/12
    Guided busway could be extended into central Cambridge - 24/5/12
    Video: Duckling trapped on guided busway rescued by driver - 14/5/12
    BAM Nuttall launches £43m guided busway counterclaim - 1/5/12
    Campaigner's dog is run down on busway - 23/4/12
    Services halted as horses make tracks for busway - 19/4/12
    Guided bus court case won't start until 2014 - 10/4/12
    St Ives to London commute will be easier with new station in Cambridge - 22/2/12
    Frequency of guided busway services to increase - 20/2/12
    Busway boss to head major new projects - 20/2/12
    Cambs guided bus claim could last to 2015 - 14/2/12
    Busway court battle 'could last until 2015' - 14/2/12
    Taken for a ride by Conservative councils - 11/2/12
    Cyclists 'hurt on dark path beside busway' - 11/2/12
    It's snow go for cyclists as ploughs fail to reach track - 8/2/12
    'Small level' of crime on the guided busway - 5/2/12
    Guided bus welcomes one millionth passenger on board - 12/1/12
    New busway stop means town gets extra services - 11/1/12
    Post-guided bus journey to Addenbrooke's now takes two hours - 21/12/11
    Car driver stuck on busway says 'sun was in my eyes' - 6/12/11
    Guided busway's 'green building' opens doors - 29/11/11
    Good news for cyclists as Guided Bus maintenance track completed - 22/11/11
    Double-deckers could have made Guided Bus bigger success - 18/11/11
    75k bill for guided busway snow plough - 15/11/11
    Woman arrested after driving car onto guided busway - 11/11/11
    Guided Bus could provide a faster link between Peterborough and Cambridge - 3/11/11
    Guided bus breaks down amid Cambridge's rush hour - 1/11/11
    Busway runners angry at cyclists - 30/10/11
    Car park could be built next to village guided bus stop after all - 25/10/11
    Guided bus 'a success' as more use it than expected - 19/10/11
    Censure for busway driver after bike crash - 14/10/11
    How guided busway bill could hit 200m - 13/10/11
    Use common sense, busway cyclists told - 6/10/11
    Bike is crushed by guided bus after cyclist rides along track - 5/10/11
    Two cars driven onto guided busway in one day - 23/9/11
    We are forced off guided bus by college students say workers - 21/9/11
    Ride the market: A new Busway could boost prices near Cambridge - 16/9/11
    Busway journeys top 220 000 - 8/9/11
    55 million guided bus court battle launched - 2/9/11
    Guided Bus? It's a major expedition just to reach it - 25/8/11
    Guided buses prove so popular that Stagecoach may buy more vehicles - 24/8/11
    Car thieves take stolen vehicle for a spin - along guided busway - 22/8/11
    Love it or loathe it - the Guided Bus divides opinion in Huntingdon and St Ives - 20/8/11
    Extra buses to meet demand on guideway - 20/8/11
    Guided busway bosses' delight as nearly 56000 trips made in first week - 15/8/11
    Busway clocks up more than 20000 trips - 11/8/11
    Guided busway consultants' fee triples to 9.6m - 11/8/11
    Revealed: results of race between guided bus, car and bike - 9/8/11
    Guided busway ticket machine problems 'now fixed' - 9/8/11
    More than 2000 on Cambs busway on first day - 8/8/11
    Passenger reaction to the guided bus service - 8/8/11
    Guided bus scheme opens - 8/8/11
    Smooth ride calmed my fears - 7/8/11
    Guided busway bosses prepared for terrorist attack - 4/8/11
    Guided busway timetables - 3/8/11
    'Settle 64m guided bus legal battle out of court' - 2/8/11
    Shona gets back in the driving seat - 29/7/11
    Council goes to court to get guided busway money back - 29/7/11
    World's most epic battle? The Guided Bus races an old Volkswagen - 28/7/11
    Emergency teams reach sick cyclist via guided busway - 26/7/11
    A14 proposals on hold until busway is open - 20/7/11
    Rush to end repairs to guided bus car park - 19/7/11
    A cyclist hit by a guided bus suffered serious injuries - 18/7/11
    Cambridgeshire guided bus test runs to start - 3/7/11
    Video: Thousands of tiny toads killed on the guided busway - 28/6/11
    Video: Guided bus breakdown 'no problem' - 22/6/11
    Other busways still on course despite blunders - 20/6/11
    Prepare to be wowed by guided busway say transport chiefs - 18/6/11
    Guided busway legal battle 'could cost 6.5 million' - 15/6/11
    Hard surface for length of guided busway cycle path - 14/6/11
    Work starts to raise guided bus cycleway as new dispute group formed - 13/6/11
    City residents given extra guided busway boost - 10/6/11
    Opening date fails to lift gloom over guided busway - 10/6/11
    August 7 opening date announced for guided busway - 9/6/11
    New opening date set for Cambs guided bus - 9/6/11
    Legal notice opens battle of the busway - 3/6/11
    Busway defect repairs could result in August opening - 20/5/11
    Cambs guided busway - trespassers warned of safety risks - 11/5/11
    Guided busway cycleway construction to start next week - 5/5/11
    Guided bus cost 'may hit 187m' - 29/4/11
    Cambs guided busway could open in August - 28/4/11
    Troubled Cambridgeshire busway handed over to council - 26/4/11
    Guided bus finally handed over - 21/4/11
    New busway safety checks needed after blunder - 20/4/11
    Why are staff employed on guided bus? - 9/4/11
    Guided busway paperwork 'could be finished by Friday' - 6/4/11
    Julain Huppert's Parliament support for Chesteron station - 5/4/11
    Guided busway 'progress report' sparks laughter from public gallery - 5/4/11
    You could waste away waiting for guided bus - 1/4/11
    All in this together? Not according to our local councils - 17/3/11
    Council anger over further busway delays - 15/3/11
    Cambs guided busway still unlikely before October - 15/3/11
    Council still awaiting busway certificates from contractor - 15/3/11
    Busway delays cost contractors £10 million - 4/3/11
    Builders of busway 'may be obstructing progress' - 23/2/11
    Rail could be Cambs A14 option - 22/2/11
    Council chief steps in as more guided busway deadlines missed - 10/2/11
    Hand over final guided busway paperwork, council tells contractor - 10/2/11
    Loony plan for rubber bus line stretching to Jersey - 3/2/11
    Chink of light at end of busway - 26/1/11
    One in 10 busway track joints could be faulty - 18/1/11
    Motorists see red as lights for guided bus stop the traffic - 14/1/11
    Guided bus - not before July - 11/1/10
    Guided bus may start running this summer - 11/1/11
    Cambridgeshire's guided busway checks are being carried out - 7/1/11
    New firm chosen to fix defects on guided busway - 30/12/10
    Good news for the guided bus - at last - 24/12/10
    Video: Busway turns out to be smooth operator - 17/12/10
    Guided bus signal trials a success - 17/12/10
    Cambridge guided busway checked amid row over delays - 16/12/10
    Guided buses to run on busway...but only for testing - 15/12/10
    Cambridge guided bus cost tops £180m - 'give us back our 45m' council demands - 7/12/10
    Busway bosses ready to ditch BAM Nuttall - 7/12/10
    Guided bus - we missed out on a penalty clause - 3/12/10
    Guided bus: Highlights of the BBC Cambridgeshire debate - 2/12/10
    Cost of guided busway climbs to £181 million - 2/12/10
    Operator Stagecoach 'may pull out of Cambridge busway' - 30/11/10
    Guided bus fleet is gathering dust - 30/11/10
    Guided busway overspend tops £50m - 12/11/10
    The stop zone where kissing can start - 11/11/10
    Guided busway firm told again to fix faults - 9/11/10
    Cambridge busway debacle - 22/10/10
    Guided bus: Operators concerned over spiralling costs - 28/10/10
    Guided bus: Making use of the unused tracks - 28/10/10
    The guided busway contractor BAM Nuttall speaks out - 27/10/10
    Guided busway could have opened a year ago - contractor - 27/10/10
    Southern busway just 'days away' from being ready - 27/10/10
    Shortcut bid for guided bus 'unacceptable' - 26/10/2010
    No progress means more waiting for Cambs Guided Bus - 15/10/10
    Busway stops for Christmas break - 11/10/10
    Final beam is laid on guided busway - 5/10/10
    More problems could emerge for guided bus - 29/9/10
    Council starts own guided busway inspections - 28/9/10
    St Ives-Cambridge guided busway: independent inquiry promised as further delay revealed - 23/9/10
    Independent review of guided busway announced - 21/9/10
    Letter: St Ives-Cambridge guided busway - what is Plan B on cost overrun? - 15/9/10
    Now it's south section of guided busway in trouble - 8/9/10
    Exasperated Cambs councillors face new guided busway delay - 7/9/10
    Guided busway: Cambs v Manchester - 3/9/10
    St Ives to Cambridge guided bus firm faces £45m bill - 1/9/10
    £76m Leigh Guided Busway on hold over cost fears (after visiting Cambridge) - 31/8/10
    Guided busway to open 'next spring' - 31/8/10
    Council will finish off work on guided busway - 26/8/10
    'Mr Busway' hopes he's on track for by-election victory - 24/8/10
    Key part of long-overdue busway is finished early - 11/8/10
    St Ives-Cambridge guided busway - still no progress on defects - 6/8/10
    Busway bosses plan for emergency vehicles to use track - 30/7/10
    MP brands busway 'a white elephant' - 28/7/10
    MP leads debate on how to give city better transport - 26/7/10
    Stalled busway praised as engineer takes ride - 23/7/10
    Beleaguered busway opens its first branch line - 15/7/10
    Bid to find money for new station - 12/7/10
    St Ives-Cambridge Guided Bus: May open in December - 9/7/10
    Council could be forced to finish guided busway work - 6/7/10
    Stagecoach threatens to run fewer services due to delays - 2/7/10
    Growing fears that guided buses won't run until 2011 - 1/7/10
    Still no defect work completed on Guided Bus - 18/6/10
    Councillors slam inept guided bus contractors - 17/6/10
    Review planned into what went wrong with busway - 15/6/10
    Council full steam ahead on 22m station plans - 11/6/10
    Cambridge busway firm 'fined' 6m for delays - 10/6/10
    More anger after latest report into busway delay - 10/6/10
    Guided busway boss will deliver conference speech - 4/6/10
    St Ives to Cambridge Guided Busway soil testing moves on to next step - 3/6/10
    Getting cash from BAM Nuttall 'may be difficult' - 2/6/10
    MP calls for inquiry over guided bus 'fiasco' - 28/5/10
    Anger over lack of progress on busway repairs - 26/5/10
    Probe into guided bus is rejected - 20/5/10
    Cambridge busway contractor misses deadline for repairs - 19/5/10
    No opening date for guided bus until "at least July" - 19/5/10
    Long wait for bus gets even longer as deadlines pass - 13/5/10
    Flood water set to shrink guided bus cycle track - 7/5/10
    St Ives to Cambridge guided busway defects checklist update - 6/5/10
    Cambridge guided busway's track base to be checked - 5/5/10
    More guided busway delays - 28/4/10
    Problem jobs on busway to be finished by mid-June - 23/4/10
    Transport bosses miss deadline to name date for guided busway - 21/4/10
    Jurassic park and ride plan for guided busway - 1/4/10
    Little Progress Made On Correcting Defects On The St Ives To Cambridge Guided Busway - 31/3/10
    Constructors give talk on 'how to build busway' - 17/3/10
    Date for opening expected after busway 'progress' - 16/3/10
    Cambridge Guided Bus was a "bad idea from the start" say Lib Dems - 10/3/10
    Contractor attacks council over guided bus criticism - 10/3/10
    Dismay over paralysed guided busway - 10/3/10
    Council blames contractor for guided bus delay - 9/3/10
    Let's have real rail says Norman (CGB used as argument against Leigh busway) - 5/3/10
    Transport bosses take out loans to pay for guideway - 23/2/10
    Photos of Edinburgh Guided Busway being converted to a tramway (page 3) - 31/1/10
    Bus slogan drives home anger over guideway delays - 19/2/10
    Cambridge to St Ives guided busway stand-off continues - 17/2/10
    Guided bus delays spark anger - 9/2/10
    Guided bus chief flies Down Under to see busway in action - 5/2/10
    Operators hit out at costly hold-ups to guided busway - 1/2/10
    £14000-a-day penalty charge for contractors - 29/1/10
    Guided bus art costs £100000 - 8/1/10
    Guided busway path hit by freezing floods - 7/1/10
    Parties meet but no date for busway yet - 6/1/10
    No deadline set for Cambridge guided busway completion - 4/1/10
    Guided busway bad weather fears - 28/12/09
    Council spend £23000 on artwork for over-budget busway
    Guided busway road sign blunder (and Christmas satire)
    Millions at stake after latest busway wrangle
    Well at least someone is using the guided busway...
    Guided bus 'millions of pounds over budget'
    Further delay for St Ives-Cambridge busway as company insists on festive break
    Lights blazing -
    Hurdles on the route to getting bus in service
    New dispute over claims that busway viaduct is 'unsound'
    Where will the bus go from here?
    Claims guided busway is faulty
    St Ives-Cambridge guided bus set for further delay
    Opening of guided bus halted by yet another delay
    CEN poll: Are you looking forward to the Guided bus?
    But you could always get on your bike...
    Another deadline missed on the St Ives-Cambridge guided busway
    Will guided busway be ready in time?
    Misguided and Bust
    Clock ticking as slabs block St Ives-Cambridge guided busway
    Come on mate. You could get a bus through there...
    St Ives-Cambridge guided busway road crossing 'dangerous'
    Route for guided bus 'waste of time and cash'
    Anger rises as more bus cuts are flagged
    Scooters the latest to invade busway
    Villagers hit by cuts in buses 'forced to drive'
    Kissing goodbye to 'kiss and ride' annoys villagers
    Cambridge to St Ives guided bus journeys will be no quicker
    Guided buses 'will start in November'
    St Ives to Cambridge guided busway to cost millions more
    Busway guides teen burglars to victim
    Council blasted after SIXTY signposts and signs are put up around ONE bus stop
    Forest of aluminium drives us up the pole
    St Ives to Cambridge guided bus ticketing delay
    Track 'cracks are not a problem'
    Safety fears as truck is stuck on guideway
    Cow breaks onto guided bus
    Further delays for guided busway
    Guided bus is delayed yet again
    GUIDED BUS: The list of tasks still needed before service can begin
    Delayed again? No date set for opening of Guided Bus
    St Ives rail line costs wrong - campaigners
    Axed rail lines may get back on track
    Driver's guided busway stunt
    After guided busways - guided truckways!
    Blue is still the colour but Bradney is derailed
    Cyclists make tracks along guided busway
    Public barred from guided bus debate
    Toads 'massacred' on guided busway
    'Minor fault' stops guided bus in its tracks
    Council in peace deal over busway
    Guided bus firm locks horns over new contractor
    Criminals use guided bus as secret escape route
    Concern raised over flood risk to busway
    Guided bus pair put on rack over key meeting
    Guided bus launch delayed until end of summer
    Guided buses to miss out city stops
    Fears guided bus £6 million over budget
    New money crisis hits guided buses
    Financial problems for guided bus scheme
    Work on busway junction begins
    'Sabotage' at guided bus sites
    Guided bus route traffic chaos ends early
    On-street guided bus link scrapped
    Chiefs fume over claims bus will add to pollution
    Death-trap roadworks safety plan
    Lib Dems slam £500000 bill for guided bus stops
    Busway works to cause more chaos
    Works for busway to close road
    Busway flooded with food waste
    Busway begins rest of its journey westwards
    Roadworks cause misery for pupils
    Residents set for road chaos amid guided bus works
    Protests ignored - so Jackie parks on track
    Busway passes milestone
    Bridge set to reopen at last
    Damaged lorry stops busway
    Up and down ride of the guided busway!
    Fears over safety of guided busway
    Bridge work driving motorists to despair
    Bridge is even longer on road to nowhere
    Alert over risk at guided bus sites
    Chaos on main road starts - and it'll last for 10 months
    'Irritating' cracks in guideway
    Homes built on guided bus land
    Businesses fume over delays in bus project
    Buses use guided system for first time
    Guided bus trials poised to begin
    Protests over busway work
    Busway immigrants 'embarrassing'

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Letters in the press

The Cambridge News Online letters page has more letters from local people and a search of the archives using the phrase 'St Ives Rail' will return most of the correspondence relating to CAST.IRON.

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