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CAST.IRON - Posters & Flyers

"No Misguided Bus" poster - print lots of copies!
| white background pdf (30 KB) | cream background pdf (30 KB) |

To print the poster in A3 size, you need an A3 printer. In Adobe Acrobat, go to "Page Setup" and select "A3 Paper Size" before printing.

Other resources

Info Sheets

Information sheets explaining CAST.IRON's plans.

Railway or Guided Bus? Have Your Say Now! | pdf (771 KB) |

CAST.IRON's Plans | html |

CAST.IRON's response to Cambridgeshire County Council's guided bus proposal | pdf (1.7 MB) |

Information for writing an objection to the TWA

TWA Objections - Word document (35 KB)

More detailed - Word document (55 KB)


CAST.IRON has produced a questionnaire to gauge public opinion on the rail reinstatement plan and to repeat a number of the questions asked in the CHUMMS study.

Download here (pdf 18KB)


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Most up to date route map | gif (110 KB) |

Stage 1A map (pilot scheme during construction of Stage 1B) | gif (37 KB) |

Stage 1B map | gif (37 KB) |

Stage 2 map | gif (27 KB) |

Stages 1 & 2 map | gif (40 KB) |

Stage 3 map | gif (30 KB) |

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