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Plans to Reinstate the Cambridge - Huntingdon Railway (December 2003)

'Construction Costs' include everything that is in the current or former rail corridor, including platforms, level crossings, a short amount of electrification and a minor-works maintenance depot.

'Other Costs' comprise the following:

  • Land acquisition (Network Rail, plus current owner of former railway line)
  • Legal costs (licences, land purchase etc.)
  • Car parking (land costs plus road access plus surfacing and lighting)
  • Project management for these items
  • Miscellaneous items

Contingency has already been added to all figures.

Stage Scope Construction Costs Other Costs Construction time
  • Cambridge Science Park to Swavesey. Peak service frequency 20 minutes.
  • Journey time 19 minutes, using a maximum running speed of 70mph.
  • Pilot service, operating during the construction of Stage 1B.
£7 Million   9 months
  • Extension from Swavesey to St Ives.
  • Link-up with Network Rail from Science Park.
  • Peak service frequency 15 minutes.
£11 Million £13 Million (1A & 1B) 9 months
  • Extension from St Ives to East Huntingdon.
  • Peak service frequency 15 minutes.
£12 Million £8 Million 12 months

These stages will produce a rapid passenger transport system linking population centres from Cambridge to Huntingdon.

After these stages have been completed, a third stage could then be considered:

  • Connection onto the East Coast Main Line at Huntingdon, to form a through passenger/freight route on the national rail network.

No attempt has been made to cost the extension of the line from Huntingdon East to the East Coast Main Line and the connection there, as Network Rail would specify the work according to its group standards.

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