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CAST.IRON - Stage 2 (Summary)

Stage 2 map - Service between Huntingdon and Cambridge

Stage 2 extends the CAST.IRON network to Huntingdon and thus provides a rapid public transport system between settlements from Cambridge to Huntingdon. There are several options for the St Ives - Huntingdon section of line. Two are discussed on the detailed plans page.

  • CAST.IRON Service from Huntingdon to Milton Road
  • Connecting trains through to London and many other destinations
  • £13 Million construction cost, 12 months' construction time
  • 5 trains, 196 passenger capacity each

From Stage 1:

  • Weekday rush hour service - 15 minute intervals
  • Weekday off-peak & Saturday service - 30-60 minute intervals
  • Main line connection at Milton Road
  • Connecting buses to the city centre
  • Pedestrian access to St Ives town centre
  • 2 additional railcars for off-peak / Saturday services
  • 70mph track
  • 2 dual track sections to allow trains to pass at speed
  • Provision for wheelchairs and bicycles
  • Fully equipped platforms and shelters at stations

Stage 2 - Detailed Plans

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