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Eight reasons why rail is needed

1. The government wants to build 500,000 houses in East Anglia.

2. The London-Stansted-CambridgePeterborough corridor is one of the UK's key growth areas.

As well as existing stations between Cambridge and St.Ives, CAST.IRON will serve Cambridge Regional College, Cambridge Science Park, Chesterton and the new town of Northstowe.

3. Rail is the only solution that will bring significant relief from traffic congestion in and out of Cambridge for most travellers on the A14.

4. Not only can rail passengers travel in and out of Cambridge, but a reliable, regular service can take them to London, Stansted Airport and soon to Europe using the new Eurostar terminal at Stratford.

5. The railway route can be extended to Huntingdon to join the East Coast Main Line. This would place Cambridge firmly on the InterCity rail map.

6. Rail can offer an effective park and ride service into Cambridge.

7. Rail can work in association with other local transport methods to facilitate a fully integrated transport system.

8. Rail can also run eastwards for cross Cambridge connections, by linking up with the Cambridge-Newmarket-Bury St.Edmunds-Ipswich-Eastern ports line - mirroring actual driving patterns.

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