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CAST.IRON - Analysis

Analysis of Cambridgeshire County Council's guided bus documentation from February 2004 has shown that:
  • Running costs for the system would amount to £873,000 per year, not the £336,000 previously claimed;
  • A subsidy of at least £11.6 million would be required to operate the system;
  • Even once the new town at Northstowe has been built, the system is unlikely ever to operate without continuing subsidy;
  • The passenger figures predicted for the guided bus have been inflated by counting many journeys that do not even involve using the guideway!
In-depth analysis of the guided bus proposal demonstrating these issues can be found in Word format here.

Info Sheets

Information sheets explaining CAST.IRON's plans.

January 2004 Information Sheet | pdf (317 KB) |

Railway or Guided Bus? Have Your Say Now! (February 2004) | pdf (752 KB) |

Spot the Difference! (February 2004) | pdf (318 KB) |

CAST.IRON's Statement of Case for the guided bus TWA (June 2004) | pdf |

CAST.IRON's opening statement to the Guided Bus Public Inquiry | html |

CAST.IRON's closing statement to the Guided Bus Public Inquiry | html | pdf |

CAST.IRON's Plans | html |

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