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CAST.IRON - Stage 1B (Summary)

Stage 1B map - Service between St Ives and Milton Road

Stage 1B delivers through journeys from the reopened line to Cambridge station and beyond, together with the doubling of the line and extension to St. Ives. With the co-operation of all the organisations involved this could follow on quickly from Stage 1A. The doubling of the line provides greater capacity, enabling a more intense commuter service.

  • CAST.IRON Service from St Ives to Milton Road
  • Reopening of Chesterton Junction - Milton Road electrified main line connection
  • 2 dual track sections to allow trains to pass at speed
  • £10 Million construction cost, 9 months' construction time
  • Weekday rush hour service - 15 minute intervals
  • Weekday off-peak & Saturday service - 30-60 minute intervals
  • 3 trains, 196 passenger capacity each
  • 2 additional railcars for off-peak / Saturday services
  • Pedestrian access to St Ives town centre
  • All level crossings upgraded to automated crossings
  • Science Park has through trains to London
  • Many more route possibilities

From Stage 1A:

  • Connecting buses to the city centre
  • 70mph track
  • Provision for wheelchairs and bicycles
  • Fully equipped platforms and shelters at stations

Stage 1B - Detailed Plans

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