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Staff and Operating Policies - Stages 1 & 2

These costings are based on making substantial use of outside expertise to construct and operate the railway. In the railway industry as it is currently organised, such expertise is readily available, with many suppliers catering to both privately operated railway systems and to the national rail network.

A limited company, created by CAST.IRON, will carry out the business of constructing and operating the railway. The company will employ a team of core staff to manage the construction phases and railway operation, led by a Chief Executive. A Chief Engineer will be appointed to manage the construction phases, with responsibility for project management and for the tendering process.

Once construction for Stage 1A is complete, the operating company will commence running trains for route testing and driver training, followed by introduction of a passenger service.

The company will directly manage the infrastructure and daily operational procedures, employing the Duty Line Controllers and crossing keepers. Servicing of rolling stock will be carried out by Rolling Stock leasing company staff, while train crews will be provided by a Train Operating Company.

Use of sub-contract staff for train maintenance and crewing is a more expensive option than using directly employed personnel, but still allows the railway to run at a profit. Use of sub-contract staff as above is preferred since it provides an experienced resource and hence allows the CAST.IRON network to be brought into service on the fastest timescale and at low risk.

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